Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Catching up...

I've had lots of little squares, in neat little piles, staring at me every time I play in my sewing room...since before Christmas!

Today I bit the bullet, found some interesting podcasts, and finally sat at the machine.

I managed to finish a few ...

There's still plenty to go!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Friday night return!'s been a long time but I have actually been stitching.

A good friend mentioned she had signed up to Jen Kingwell's "Pretty Circle Game" BOM. I decided I just had to join her and I'm loving it. It's the first time I've ever signed up to a BOM and I was really keen to give hand piecing a go. It was love at first are the the first couple of blocks.

Well, Friday night I had a little package waiting for me when I returned home from work. How exciting!

I was too tired to do much but I spent ages just looking, admiring, thinking...I'll do more than that over the weekend!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Friday night sew in

It just dawned on me that Christmas is not too far away so out came a beautiful pattern and kit which I  purchased at the quilt show.

I love the range of fabrics...such pretty prints and soft colours.

So my time was spent cutting, cutting, cutting...with more cutting to go. 

Thanks for sharing your night with me...I'll say goodbye so that I can look at what you've been up to.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Friday Night With Friends

So good to be back. It's been a while since I posted but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy with all things patchwork!

I traced the Anni Downs designs for her gorgeous project roll (see previous post) and am loving the simple stitching at night. I really should spend a couple of hours tracing so I've always got something to pick up. There's been many a night when I've had itchy fingers and just don't have anything prepared and it's so frustrating!!!!

Well there's really not much to show for a Friday night but you all know how slow stitching is...

While I'm here I have to show you my quilt...I worked on it for seven years!!!! I learnt a lot of embroidery stitches along the way and spent AGES cutting and piecing it all together. Last month my patchwork teacher and friend Debbie Donegan held a quilt show to celebrate ten years of her patchwork classes and my quilt was up there for all to proud!

Here are some of the embroidery panels...

Thanks for visiting, I'm off to take a look at what you've been playing with lately.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

FNSI catch-up

Friday night saw my friend come over to continue working on the lovely project roll. I managed to get all of my squares together, and then over the weekend I also cut and pieced together the front section. This will feature appliques and stitcheries before being joined to the squares.

I'm very happy with it so far.

Here a few finishes too.

And my friend's...

I love them all. We've both enjoyed working on projects together on Friday evenings while the boys watch the footy. It's lovely to stitch with a friend and so much more motivating.

Heading to the show in Sydney this weekend. I keep telling myself I don't "need' anything...lets see what I come home with!

Thanks Wendy, for coordinating our Friday night get together. I hope you had fun too. Now I'm off to have a look at what everyone else got up to.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

FNwF and Chooky's party

Have been unwell all weekend but that didn't stop me joining FNwF or the party in the Chookshed. A day off work on Friday saw me start a little early. I've been playing with some crochet, making medallions which will eventually find their way into a granny square blanket.

I spent Friday night with a friend. We've decided to start on Annie Down's project roll...

We are big fans of all of Annie's you may have noticed! I raided my favourite scap bag and leftover strips and came up with a nice variety. I've decided to use some good old calico for the contrasting squares. After a weekend in, I've ended up with everything cut and ready to go.

It's been lovely spending time on my projects, knowing I have friends all around doing the same. Thanks Cheryll for Friday night, and you Chooky for the weekend of fun...I hope you both had a good time too!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Friday night sew in

Well this week I was meant to be meeting a friend to work on her baby's quilt. With three weeks to go we really needed to get a wriggle on. I've had lots of fun teaching her some patchwork basics, but newbys to the world of patchwork rarely appreciate the time it takes to make even the easiest of quilts! So, already under pressure I was stunned to hear she gave birth three weeks early!!!! As you can imagine, I have since been madly piecing the borders and quilting.

I find quilting anything larger than a table runner so fiddly. I really admire you girls out there who quilt beautifully, especially larger projects. If there's a trick to this please let me in on it! I am happy with the result but I can't say I enjoyed the process.

My friend was so happy with the quilt...I'm going to embroider a message before handing it over for keeps.

Thanks for a good night Wendy. I'll visit everyone else now to see how they went.